23 Apr

Build Day

Yesterday, the three winning teams in the greenSTEM student design competition gathered at the Fairmount Water Works to construct housings for the Root Kits. We had paint, pipe cleaners, modeling clay, hot glue guns and much more on hand to help the students make their designs come to life. Above, the team from Cook-Wissahickon gets their futuristic LED-lit dome construction underway. Below, Greenfield students mold clay (we used Crayola Model Magic) around a bowl that will become the base of their sword in the stone design.

Glue, paint and clay are drying. We’ll present the finished products in the near future. One last shot, though: A Nebinger student creates a spider (yes, he wanted it to have six legs—he had final say over that) from a hollowed-out football.

Thanks to the Water Works for hosting this event! Thank you to Jay Cruz, Sue Patterson, Darya Drahun, Chris Nies and Nicholas Chaya for bringing art supplies, tools, and assisting the students.

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