07 Feb

Design Help Has Arrived


Another item to add to the long list of things I am not: graphic designer. The greenSTEM team was extremely lucky, however, to get some help from a couple of designers who’ve joined us at Code For Philly meetups and offered their talents. The schematic above—illustrating how the Root Kit sends rain garden data to the web—was created by Nnena Odim. She took a hastily scrawled drawing and turned it into the clear, artful representation above. Check out her website.

We’ve also been fortunate to be joined by Danielle Parnes, an industrial designer who’s currently working with the Community Design Collaborative. Danielle has gotten us more organized on specific tasks and focused on communications, among other things. She also took our looseleaf logo sketch and turned it into a professional-looking logo:

greenSTEM logo sketch greenstem_logo

Thanks to Nnena and Danielle for their work—all the technical things we’ve accomplished with programming and sensors are meaningless if the ideas and intentions behind them aren’t communicated clearly.