07 Jun

Show Me The Code


At this point, we have a working version of the Solar Sunflower: An Arduino equipped with a WiFi shield sends sensor data to a server. Some of you might be wondering where the code is. The short answer is that it’s at our GitHub repository (more on this shortly). There you can find the Arduino code (a screenshot of it is posted above), the Ruby code for the server, and documentation and revision history. We’ll definitely be discussing the project’s technical issues in this blog, but it isn’t meant to be a documentation of our code. The code is going to change many times over the course of this project, and it isn’t always interesting or productive to list every little change here. Go to GitHub.

If you’re not familiar with GitHub, here’s what we wrote in the FAQ section:

GitHub is a website that hosts files for tech development projects. It’s kind of like Google docs for programmers. GitHub allows multiple people to work on code separately, then merge the changes back into one file.  Groups of files (for a certain project, for example) are collected in one location called a repository.

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